Our dental teams are truly the best at what they do.

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Our dental teams are truly the best at what they do.

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We are constantly thinking and discussing how we
can give you the best patient experience possible.

We believe in communication and help our patients understand their treatment needs, using high resolution
photography and imaging, so that you can take control of your dental health. Our patients are informed and
know how to maintain their oral health for life.

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Dr Roumaissa Slami

Dr Roumaissa Slami

Facial Aesthetics
Raluca Clopotel

Raluca Clopotel

Clinical Supervisor
Vince Hartigan

Vince Hartigan

Head Of Construction
Holly Gregg

Holly Gregg

Ionut Valentin

Ionut Valentin

Clean Team
Your <em>oral health</em> deserves <br> every advantage <em>digital <br>dentistry</em> can offer.
Your oral health deserves
every advantage digital
can offer.

We’re committed to always getting better through tech-enabled
procedures. Better mouth scans mean more accurate implants
and better procedure planning — which leads to happier guests
with better oral health. Working smarter is a no-brainer!