Every facet of our practice is influenced by our determination to
provide the best dental care, in a completely new and positive way.

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We can help you make the right decision for you.

At Dame Street Dental, we pride ourselves on operating at the cutting edge of the dental industry, and not just in
terms of innovative technology. Every facet of our practice is influenced by our determination to provide the best
dental care, in a completely new and positive way.


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So many amazing things in life start with
a smile.

Smiling makes you happier — so every minute of every day is a reason to smile. Bright, naturally aligned
teeth can enhance your youthful appearance and boost your daily confidence. You’ll feel the difference —
and you’ll smile a lot more.

Treatment Coordinator

We understand that you might be nervous about committing to any dental work without having a friendly face to help guide you through the process and answer your questions. By booking a consultation with one of our Treatment Coordinators, we can help you make the right decision for you.

A Treatment Coordinator makes sure that patients have the opportunity to view the practice, ask any questions they may have, and meet the team that will help them achieve their Smile goals. They are dental professionals with a passion for patient care, who know all there is to know about Dame Street Dental and our fantastic clinical team.

Call 01 525 2670 to speak with our knowledgeable front desk team or book an initial consultation today.

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Questions? Answers.

What is a Treatment Coordinator?

A Treatment Coordinator is an experienced healthcare professional who is responsible for meeting and greeting patients; introducing them to the practice; and talking with them to understand their dental needs. They will then guide you towards booking with the right clinician for the right treatment.

Essentially they act as your point of contact, and are an invaluable source of information for clinicians as well. They explain the cost of treatments - often saving patients money in the process - and in doing so save time for the dentists to do what they do best - treat patients.

What is the difference between a free Treatment Coordinator consultation and a clinical examination with a dentist?

A consultation with a Treatment Coordinator is not a substitute or alternative to a clinical appointment.

A consultation with a Treatment Coordinator is a meeting which allows patients and practices to familiarise themselves with each other and with what is ahead, without the cost of an extra consultation. It is completely free to you, and a great start to a new dental experience.

While some clinical photos and/or intra-oral scans may be carried out in the TC consultation, it is not a clinical examination. This means it is a more relaxed and communicative experience, and also that there is no cost involved.

What does a Free Consultation typically involve? What can I expect?

A consultation will take about 30 minutes and can be booked in advance just like a clinical examination, and at no cost to you.

It is our chance to get to know each other. You talk, we listen, and then the Treatment Coordinator guides you through the information and decisions that you need to make your smile goals achievable.

It may involve clinical photography and intra-oral scans, both of which are entirely painless processes.

How does a Treatment Coordinator consultation help me?

A consultation with our Treatment Coordinator will help you by taking the anxiety out of dentistry. They will explain everything you may need to know - from your treatment options to sedation options to payment plans - in a calm environment, with a friendly manner and years of experience between them.

Particularly for anxious patients, a consultation with a Treatment Coordinator is a great idea to familiarise yourself with the process ahead of you and to take control of your oral health care needs with expert guidance and support.

Our Treatment Coordinator<br> will be your first contact
Our Treatment Coordinator
will be your first contact
  • Introducing you to the team
  • Discussing your oral healthcare needs
  • Carrying out Intra-oral scan and clinical photography
  • Browse our ‘Smile Gallery’ of Before/After treatment photos
  • Recommend you to the ideal dentist for your unique treatment needs.
  • Advise you on how to proceed with scheduling your appointment