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Finance Options

At Dame Street Dental we believe that high quality dentistry should be accessible to all.

We understand that your smile matters - the impact for our patients of achieving the smile of their dreams can be life-changing, and you should never have to give up on that dream for yourself because of the perceived financial commitment, especially if you are investing in extensive treatment such as orthodontics, implants or total smile makeovers.

Not only do we offer very competitive pricing and outstanding value for our dental treatments, including our exclusive guaranteed Warranty for long-term restorations, but we also support our patients with the opportunity to stagger payments over an adaptable period of time, with a payment plan that suits you.

What We Can Do

Our team strive to take the worry out of dental treatment at every step of the way, which includes removing any guesswork and providing you with complete transparency when it comes to the cost of your treatment. At your initial consultation, your dentist will supply you with a detailed summary of all treatment you require, based on a full examination of your teeth and discussion with you of your goals – the cost of each treatment will be fully broken down, including the payment methods you can choose from.

0% Interest Free

We appreciate that every patient’s situation is different, and so we are extremely flexible on working with you to find the option we offer that works best for you and your needs.

We provide three available payment plans to choose from, and all methods hold 0% interest:

1) Pay the full cost of treatment in advance

In choosing this option, you will receive a 10% discount of the total balance of your treatment plan

2) Pay as you go:

If preferred you can of course pay for each stage of your treatment as it is completed. In those situations you will always be given a detailed breakdown of your full treatment plan by your dentist, so you will be informed in advance of the cost of each procedure stage, to be paid at the clinic on the day of each treatment.

3) Monthly payments:

We work closely with the company to allow you to set up a direct debit to cover your entire treatment cost, with no down-payment or deposit required.

Finance Examples


You require braces at a cost of €2950, and the treatment will take 12 months. You will pay €550 upfront, and then €200 over the following 12 months.


Your 11 year old son requires braces for 2 years at a cost of €4000. You will pay €360 upfront, and a weekly payment of €35.

Whether you want a straighter, whiter appearance for your teeth; to repair and put right a gap with a dental implant; or you’re ready for a total smile transformation, we at Dame Street Dental will put the skills and dedication at your disposal to turn your vision into reality.

Commonly Asked Questions

Whether you choose Pay as you Go in-house payments for your total treatment plan with Dame Street Dental, or to set up a monthly direct debit payment plan through GoCardless, there is a guarantee of 0% interest applied.

There is simply a deposit of 10% of the total cost of your treatment if you choose to pay as you go for each stage of your treatment as it is completed.

Your credit rating is only affected by financial institutions, for example banks and other state and private lending agencies, and their reports of your repayment history to the Central Credit Register, operated by the Central Bank of Ireland. No routine reports are ever made to the CCR by Dame Street Dental regarding any of our offered payment plans, however if a direct debit payment plan is set up through GoCardless and these payments are defaulted on, this legal information may be reported to the CCR, which can affect an individual’s personal credit report in the future.

If you have completed your treatment with Dame Street Dental and have a payment plan set up through GoCardless, this will simply continue until the total treatment amount has been paid.

Our clinic offers a variety of payment plans to ensure that the best in hi-tech, modern dental care is affordable and accessible to our patients. However, these payment plans are offered at the discretion of the clinic, and if a monthly payment defaults and the issue cannot be rectified with the patient in the first instance, then failure to honour the payment plan will result in the patient being asked to pay the remaining balance in full to the clinic within 5 working days, to avoid legal recourse being sought.

Our highly experienced front of house team can facilitate your advance payment or pay as you go payment plan fully compatible with any Irish bank. Standard charges may be applied separately by your bank to card payments made in Ireland if your bank is located in the UK, the EU or otherwise internationally.

If you choose to set up a monthly direct debit payment through GoCardless, their service is compatible with all Irish banks, in addition to bank accounts located in the UK, the Eurozone, Sweden, Denmark, Australia, New Zealand and Canada.

If you are choosing to pay all of your total treatment plan in advance, to avail of the 10% discount of the total by doing so, no minimum or maximum amount applies. The same is true of our in-house Pay as you Go payment plan, which does not have any minimum or maximum total amount limits.

If you choose to set up a direct debit monthly payment plan with the clinic facilitated through GoCardless, then a total treatment amount of €1000 does apply – this is however no maximum limit to the total treatment plan cost which can be paid monthly in this method, over a 6-month, 12-month or 18-month period.

Yes, at Dame Street Dental we accept most major Irish dental health insurance providers, including: VHI, DeCare Dental and Laya Healthcare. More information about this method of financing your dental work, and about our hassle-free option of submitting a Direct Pay claim for all qualifying VHI and DeCare patients, can be found here

Our team can discuss your treatment and payment options with you at any time!

Call 01 525 2670 or click below to speak with our knowledgeable front desk team and book an initial consultation today.

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I cannot recommend this place enough! I was booked in short notice for an examination yesterday after 3 days of excruciating pain. From the moment I checked in at reception I was filled with such ease. I haven’t attended a dental practice in 2 years after an AWFUL wisdom tooth extraction with my local dentist. I met with Dr. Shirin and his lovely assistant who made my whole experience phenomenal. I had explained how nervous I was due to my last experience and I just felt completely heard and understood. They both did everything they could to keep me at ease and talked me through absolutely everything. I had my wisdom tooth extracted which was completely pain free this time, Dr. Shirin took the time out to ensure I couldn’t feel anything and throughout the extraction told me when I would feel pressure and helped me manage my breathing. After my previous extraction I was off work for 2+ weeks and left the clinic inconsolable, with Dame Street Dental I left laughing, smiling and chatting pain free and feel well enough to return to work tomorrow! I really cannot recommend this place enough, I will never attend another dental clinic again and for the first time ever I am looking forward to my next visit,Thank you Dame Street Dental!!!
lauren alw
Dr. Ksenija Was very good and gentle. She explained every step when I had my wisdom tooth extracted. Staff was brilliant and very kind too. Will definitely recommend.
Kezia Silang
For someone who’s been anxious about the dentist for years, I’d just like to say how lovely it was coming in for a checkup. Dr Lisa Boland and her colleagues were very warm and welcoming from the start. They explained exactly what was happening and gave me a comprehensive treatment plan laying out a timeline and costs for the future. I would wholly recommend Dr Boland and the clinic to anyone who may have any fears or anxieties about going to the dentist.
Conor Young
I attended Dame Street Dental for an examination and a filling. All the staff here are exceptionally friendly. Dr. Alison Quirke was my dentist and she was absolutely brilliant in terms of her professionalism, empathy and, care. She talked me through the entire process and really set me at ease: yes, I was nervous beforehand. Alison’s team were also excellent: loved the playlist in the background. Overall, one the most professional (and enjoyable actually) experiences at a dentist. Thank you so much. Dr. Seamus Kelly.
Seamus Kelly
Had a very thorough consultation with Dr Mihaela. Everybody is very professional.
Cintia Marcomini
Great dental clinic, recommend it to everyone. Special thanks to dr. Mohammed Abed for being patient with me and explaining every move.
Bernard Ljekaj
Really quick and warm service. Deducting a star as I was asked if I wanted x-rays as it's free with my examination, but was later asked to pay it. A bit uncertain if it's an honest mistake or a scam operation, so just deducting one star for it as I was reimbursed after asking.
The Doctor Estefania is the best, she explains you everithyng that you need, with a hight standar of service
Claudia Peralta
Friendly staff, wonderful experience
taiba alrashed
Thank you to Karen and all at Dame street dental today, it was such a positive experience. I had an emergency filling done as well as a clean and polish. Dr Ranuka and Shannon were so thorough, professional and most importantly very kind! Many thanks I’ll see you soon.
Isobelle Lyons

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