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General Dentistry

At Dame Street Dental, we offer all the dental services your family
needs to maintain optimal oral health.

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We are committed to addressing
dental health issues before they
become serious problems.

When you choose us as your partners in healthcare, the difference comes in the way those dental care services are delivered.

Our team of excellent dental care professionals are committed to providing you with a comfortable, friendly dental visit every time. We use the best in high-tech dental instruments and techniques to perform routine and complex preventative and restorative work on your teeth, gums and jaw.

It is our job and our mission to provide every patient with top quality dental care and give them the tools and information they need to maintain excellent, lasting oral hygiene.

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We use gentle touch techniques and equipment
geared toward making our patients as
comfortable as possible.

We work hard to give you the best in dental care while working smart to keep costs down for you.

Our general dentistry services include the following:


Effective and Experienced Dentistry

Our staff is composed of experienced dental professionals who understand the importance of patient comfort. They are here to serve you and make your dental visit as productive and easy as possible. You will not find a team in the Dublin area more dedicated to your well-being and oral health than here at Dame Street Dental.

Regardless of whether you come through our doors for a routine dental exam and a cleaning or for more extensive dental work, we guarantee you will feel at home here. Your dentist will discuss your individual treatment plan with you and talk you through each procedure so you know exactly what to expect.

Everyone would like to have a beautiful smile. At Dame Street Dental, we work with you to achieve yours, and help you keep your dream smile looking good and feeling healthy.


Tooth Pain Relief

Tooth pain should never be ignored. Toothache is an indication that something is seriously wrong with your oral health. Dame Street Dental is a comprehensive dental practice that offers rapid and effective tooth pain relief, whatever the underlying cause. Tooth pain does not occur in isolation, and is the symptom of a greater issue such as a damaged, decaying or infected tooth.

The most important aspect of any type of dental discomfort is finding the source of the pain. Knowing what is causing your tooth pain allows you to receive proper treatment. Without intervention, your pain will only get worse. Any type of infection or decay can easily spread throughout the entire mouth, causing more significant issues. The clinical team at Dame Street Dental is dedicated to providing you and your family with comfortable and complete dental care.

We offer treatment for gum recession and gum disease, TMJ/TMD pain, cracked or damaged teeth, root canal therapy and more. Our professionals will treat the issue and provide you with full, individual aftercare and the information you need to prevent a recurrence and maintain your newly restored teeth, putting you back in control of your oral health. Please do not ignore your tooth pain, and reach out when you need a partner in comprehensive dental care.

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We created a <em>seamless</em> online <br> check-in system to battle your <br> <em>procrastination</em>!
We created a seamless online
check-in system to battle your

Busy people put off going to see the dentist for all sorts of reasons (we
get it!). You can book an appointment right now on your phone. When
you show up we’ll give you a chance to brush up before we get going.
As you get out of the chair and walk out the door, “ping,”we’ve set up
your aftercare and your next appointment.