Lets make your root canal a walk in the park.

Root Canal

Let’s make your root canal a walk in the park.

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Root Canal Retreatment

At Dame Street Dental, our experienced dental team will always give you the advice and information you
need following any procedure to take full advantage of the benefits of that treatment for your future oral
health and to prolong the lifetime of that repair, prevention or restoration.

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When you are in discomfort and require a root
, know that we are here to make it the
most comfortable, effective process possible.

Explore the two principal methods of Root Canal Treatment below:


Why does a Root Canal Treatment fail?

Although the occurrence is rare, there are a number of reasons why a Root Canal Treatment can fail, whether due to the tooth not healing fully following the original procedure, or through developing new or related problems following treatment:

  • Teeth with more complex internal anatomy have a higher risk of retaining bacteria or decay even post original treatment by root canal
  • If the placement of a crown was delayed following initial Root Canal Treatment, giving bacterial infection opportunity to re-enter the healing site
  • New decay on the same tooth may expose the root canal filling material to bacteria, initiating reinfection of the same root system
  • A loose or broken crown or filling, particularly if not repaired or re-fitted right away, can expose the tooth to a new infection
  • The tooth can fracture after prolonged, heavy use, which can allow infection to set in once again, particularly if there are delays to replacing or restoring the tooth

Benefits of Root Canal Retreatment

  • Increase the lifespan of your natural tooth, maintaining your full chewing and biting functions organically without additional restorative dental interventions
  • Avoid losing the tooth, as extraction is the only alternative treatment for a tooth suffering from re-infection of the root
  • Eliminate the need for further complex surgical procedures, such as dental implants, to replace an extracted tooth
  • Retain your full smile and youthful facial structure by maintaining the positioning of the teeth surrounding your infected tooth, and the natural bone levels in your jaw which would be disrupted by the removal of natural tooth roots

What to Expect When Getting Root Canal Retreatment

Initial consultation

If your initial root canal treatment was carried out at Dame Street Dental, your dentist will have emphasised the importance to you of keeping to a regular, 6-monthly check-up and cleaning schedule, to monitor your treated tooth for any issues as well as to maintain your overall oral health. Whether you have booked a consultation with our clinic as a new or an existing patient, your dentist will always first carry out a full and comprehensive examination of your teeth, gums and bone, and will address all specific concerns or issues you are experiencing.
Your need for retreatment may become obvious from symptoms such as pain or discomfort at the site of an old root canal treatment, or this may have been an incidental finding of infection or inflammation from your dentist during your examination.
They will be able to answer any questions you may have at this stage, to fully prepare you for the retreatment itself, and to go through all options for restoration procedures following the treatment that are relevant to your case.

The retreatment procedure

Your dentist will use a highly effective local anaesthetic to numb your mouth prior to treatment – this ensures that the procedure will be completely pain-free, you will feel little more than some gentle vibration throughout - similar to getting a dental filling. Do speak to your dentist if you have any worries about undergoing treatment due to anxiety, fear or stress caused by dental procedures, as at our clinic we do also make available to all of our patients the option of undergoing any treatment under dental sedation.
This is the ideal solution for any patient who suffers from dental anxiety or severe nerves, as it allows you to avail of the high-quality dental care that you need while being in a completely relaxed and calm state throughout.

Questions? Answers

Why might I need a Root Canal Treatment?

When the pulp of your tooth becomes exposed to bacteria and plaque, whether through dental injury or trauma or significant decay causing a deep cavity, the pulp will become infected – this can cause severe pain, or worse, can lead to the formation of a dental abscess which has the potential to spread and cause more severe illness. 

Having a Root Canal Treatment will remove all the infection from your tooth by replacing the decayed and dying nerves, blood vessels, and tissues of the interior of your tooth with a synthetic dental sealant, relieving any pain or sensitivity and preventing the risk of the infection spreading – all while saving your natural tooth and avoiding the need for it to be removed. 

Is a Root Canal Treatment painful?

The length of your treatment will depend on the complexity of the internal anatomy of your tooth, and in some cases the size (as with larger back teeth such as molars). In some cases, your treatment can be started and completed in a single visit – your dentist will ensure you are scheduled in for a second appointment if one is required, before you leave the clinic after your initial treatment visit. They will also be able to give you an estimation of total treatment time at this first visit. 

How long does Root Canal Treatment take?

When a damaged or deeply decayed tooth requires Root Canal Treatment, it is because the pulp within the tooth is in the process of dying or indeed has already died – this process is what causes the sensitivity or pain induced by an infection of the root. The aim of treatment is to remove all traces of dead and infected pulp tissues from within your tooth and so entirely sterilise your inner tooth structures of all harmful bacteria. 

As a result, your tooth may feel slightly different after treatment is complete until you become used to the new sensation because while your exterior tooth structure is preserved, the nerves within your tooth which could feel cold and pressure are no longer present.

How long does a Root Canal Treatment last?

At Dame StreetDental, we understand the importance of preserving the unique function, feel and quality of a natural tooth, and know that it is always best to maintain a patient’s natural teeth whenever possible. 

When the pulp within your tooth begins to die, the only options remaining are a Root Canal Treatment or Tooth Extraction. If an infection is very far along or the tooth is irreparably damaged, a root canal treatment will in uncommon cases not be possible to complete, in which case your dentist will discuss your options for extraction with you. 

A Root Canal Treatment, carried out by a skilled and experienced dentist, conserves as much of your original tooth structure as possible, maintaining your individual smile and preserving your natural jawbone. Under these conditions, as found at Dame Street’s modern, specialised practice, this treatment has a success rate of approximately 95%, and if in the rare case it fails as medical procedures unfortunately can at times, you will always have other options to fall back on. 

Having a tooth extracted has the potential to cause more harm, expense, or both in the long run – a missing tooth means that chewing can become difficult, your natural bone level will recede as there is no root in position, which can gradually change your facial structure, and this gap evident in your smile can affect confidence or self-esteem in the immediate aftermath of an extraction and over time. 

That being said there are many effective options to replace a space in your smile such as Dental ImplantsBridges, or Dentures. However patients who have opted to avoid root canal treatment due to its relative cost in comparison with tooth extraction, would be advised at the treatment planning stage with their dentist of the breakdown of total costs for these restoration options also. 

As with all procedures, at Dame Street Dental your dentist will be able to provide you with the best advice for your specific situation, working in partnership with you and looking at your full treatment and smile goals at once, never thinking just one stage at a time – to ensure that you are never in the dark regarding your dental care and full range of options, and are always provided with the information and expert recommendations you need to make informed decisions to achieve results you’re happy with. 


We are obsessed with <br> caring for our patients
We are obsessed with
caring for our patients

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