No Prep Veneers

If you have ever considered traditional Porcelain Veneers to enhance, whiten, and transform your smile, but baulked at the idea of altering your natural enamel and tooth surface, then you’re ready to learn more about the revolutionary No Prep Veneers!

This cutting-edge technique creates the same dazzling results without any need to remove enamel or reshape your natural teeth.  The innovative Veneer designs fit seamlessly over your own tooth, and are then bonded securely and snugly in place just as a conventional Porcelain Veneer. However, whereas for that traditional treatment your dentist must minimally prepare your tooth to receive the veneer by making space and removing some outer enamel, No Prep Veneers have no such need! These state-of-the-art Veneers are ultrathin, negating the need for any preparation or shaving of your natural tooth, allowing you to get on with the painless, joyful transformation of your smile right away. 

It only takes two visits with our expert cosmetic dentist to bring about this ground-breaking, life-changing transformation, using Veneers to align, brighten, and re-shape your teeth into a newly restored, glowing smile. Make an appointment with Dame Street Dental and we can help you see for yourself just what No Prep Veneers can do for you today! 

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Benefits of No Prep Veneers

  • Smile with all the confidence of a new you, after as little as 4 weeks
  • Minimally invasive solution – preserve your natural tooth structure 
  • 100% painless treatment throughout – no need for any drilling or anaesthetic 
  • Maintain your natural tooth colour while correcting imperfections in tooth shape and position

What to Expect When Getting No Prep Veneers

Initial consultation 

Your dentist will carry out a comprehensive dental examination to address any issues you may have with your teeth and assess your suitability for No Prep Veneers. Unfortunately, not every tooth is suitable for treatment using the No Prep method – significantly damaged teeth may require a more extensive treatment to create a fully uniform shape and appearance, while deeply discoloured teeth can show through the more translucent material of No Prep Veneers, in which case traditional Porcelain Veneers might be recommended. 

Particularly if you are unsure about treatment, or have lived with an unwelcome defect of a tooth or teeth for so long that you can’t imagine your smile without them, your dentist can also offer to take you through our Digital Smile Design process. This allows your dentist to create a 3D mould of your planned veneers, to place temporarily in position in your mouth so that you can get an idea of what the final result will look like, allowing for any alterations or suggestions to be made before committing to treatment. 

Once you are fully happy to proceed, your dentist will explain the procedure involved in porcelain veneer treatment to create the desired transformation of your smile, and of course happily answer any questions you may have at this stage. Your clinical team will be able to discuss our various payment plans at this point also, to ensure that you are on the treatment payment plan that best meets your dental, lifestyle, and budgetary needs. Finally, our reception team will communicate with your treating dentist to schedule you in for the first stage of your treatment before you leave the clinic, and will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have at any stage of the process. 

Planning and recording

For the majority of patients, following your initial consultation you will be scheduled in for an additional brief visit to take necessary measurements and records of your teeth. In some cases and subject to dentist and appointment availability, it may be possible to schedule this for the same day as your initial consultation. 

At this planning appointment, your dentist will take photographs and use a high-tech 3D scanner to create a record of your teeth. This is also the stage at which you will choose - with the expert advice of your cosmetic dentist - the desired shade of new veneers, to perfectly colour-match them to your natural smile. These scans allow a prototype of your veneers to be fabricated, meaning you can temporarily ‘try on’ your new smile, to make sure you will be completely happy with the end result. 

Only once you are entirely satisfied and have had the opportunity to have any questions answered or make any alterations, will your 3D scan and colour selection be sent to our dental lab, where your final No Prep Veneers will be hand-crafted and custom-made to your exact specifications.  

Once ready, our reception team will be in touch, and you will only have to return to the clinic once more to have your final Veneers fitted. 

Fitting the Veneers

Your final visit to have your veneers placed will be a breeze. It’s relatively quick, easy, and entirely painless – no drilling or injections are required for this procedure at all. The only preparation before beginning involves your dentist cleaning your teeth in preparation for placement. 

Your dentist will first try each veneer in place, and confirm that you are happy with the appearance, fit, and contour. A dental cement is then used to bond each veneer securely in place, and the bonding agent is hardened using a bright light. Any excess cement will be removed and your dentist will carry out a final examination of the shape and colour of your veneers, as well as testing your new bite, to make sure that you are satisfied and that no adjustments are required.

Your dentist will then explain and provide you with detailed instructions on how to best care for your new smile, including hygiene, dietary, and follow-up guidance to prolong the life of your restorations – and that’s it! You’re ready to meet the world with your new, utterly transformed smile. 

Questions? Answers.

Who are No Prep Veneers for?

No Prep Veneers are best suited to patients who want to correct imperfections in their tooth shape or alignment to produce a fuller, more symmetrical smile. Because absolutely no preparation of the outer enamel of any tooth is required for this method, No Prep Veneers are the perfect solution for anyone who longs to reach the smile of their dreams, but wishes to conserve as much of their natural tooth structure as possible.  It is a conservative solution, since no preparation of the tooth structure is required. 

Not every patient is a suitable candidate for No Prep Veneers, but your dentist will be able to advise what treatment will give you the results you desire during your initial consultation. If your teeth are more than moderately uneven, crooked, damaged or widely spaced, or are more deeply discoloured or stained, your dentist may recommend Porcelain Veneers instead, as these can be a sturdier alternative in cases when the more translucent No Prep option might struggle. 

Is the No Prep Veneer Procedure painful?

Not at all – absolutely no preparation or drilling of your teeth is required at any stage of this treatment. There won’t even be the prick of a needle, as your dentist won’t even need to give you dental anaesthetic. Initially your new teeth may feel strange or slightly sensitive, but after a few days they will feel just like your own teeth.

Are No Prep Veneers reversible?

No Prep Veneers are popular precisely because they do not require any tooth preparation that would permanently alter your tooth, however slight, meaning that you maintain your complete, natural tooth structure.

If you are having your Veneers removed in the future, it is inevitable that some minuscule scratching of the tooth surface can occur, as we have to break a strong bond between your tooth and Veneer when doing so. 

How long will my No Prep Veneers last?

Porcelain Veneers are designed and materials-tested to be a robust and long-lasting dental solution. When cared for properly and maintained with adequate daily oral hygiene and dental check-up schedule, you can expect them to last for 15 to 20 years before they will need to be replaced.

How can I care for my No Prep Veneers?

No Prep Veneers are just an extension of your natural tooth, and so you should care for them as you would your own teeth. Brushing twice daily and flossing once per day is essential to maintain good oral hygiene. 

You should attend your dentist and hygienist regularly, and your clinical team will also be able to address any questions you have about the recommended check-up frequency, although in general every 6 months is recommended. Eating a balanced diet that is low in sugar is also essential, to reduce your risk of developing dental decay in the organic structure of your tooth, or the neighbouring teeth.

Cutting back or indeed quitting smoking altogether will likewise greatly benefit the health of your gums and so prolong the life of your natural tooth structures and therefore of your veneers. 

If I’m not suitable for No Prep Veneers is there another treatment for me?

Absolutely, and at Dame Street Dental Clinic we offer a wide range of cosmetic dental solutions. There are a number of factors to take into consideration when designing an augmented smile transformation, and your dentist will always carry out a comprehensive examination with you to confidently advise on which option is best to rejuvenate your unique smile. Book an initial consultation today, and an expert member of our team can discuss all of the alternative cosmetic and smile-enhancing options available to you: Porcelain Veneers, Dental Bonding, Invisalign, and Ceramic Crowns.

Feeling self-conscious about discoloured, chipped or stained teeth? Talk to us today about a full smile makeover with dental veneers!

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