Implant Retained Dentures

At Dame Street Dental we understand that the things that matter don’t hold any less value with time.

Becoming older should never have to mean tolerating poorly fitting, uncomfortable dentures, which reduce the simple pleasures of life – eating, speaking freely, or sharing a smile – to sources of embarrassment or distress

In the capable hands of our specially trained and experienced implantologists, we can restore the frictionless, easy function and reliability of your teeth throughthe use of Dental Implants. By securely fitting only 2 to 4 dental implants in your mouth, we can fasten and fully stabilise your dentures in place. The implants work like artificial roots embedded in your gums in place of the roots of your missing teeth, and only the very tops of these implants reach above your gumline for your dentures to anchor firmly into position. This technique ensures that your dentures are completely secured while clipped onto your implants, but still remain removable at any time you choose, so you can take out your dentures as you please to clean them and while you sleep. 

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What problems can Implant Retained Dentures fix?

Conventional dentures - as any patient who has struggled with their previous dentures will tell you - often move around or slip out of place as you eat and speak, an embarrassing and inconvenient experience which can be completely intolerable for some patients. Unfortunately, after a person has lost a significant number of teeth, the jawbone itself gradually shrinks, a natural process that is only sped up with no teeth present in the bone. For those who wear dentures, what this means over time is that eventually there will not be sufficient bone for them to rest properly on, meaning the dentures become even looser and even more prone to frequent slipping or even falling out while speaking or laughing, and making eating foods genuinely impossible. 

Dental implants can simply, effectively, and permanently resolve this problem by acting as a form-fitted anchor for your dentures to hold onto, perfectly stabilising them through any and all vigorous, everyday activity. 


Benefits of Implant Retained Dentures

  • No need for gloopy or messy dental adhesive ever again
  • Easy to remove and keep clean, making maintenance to suit your lifestyle a breeze
  • Enjoy near-instant increased quality of life after your procedure, with massive improvements in denture comfort and stability
  • Eat the foods you thought you’d never be able to enjoy again with upgraded chewing and biting comfort and function
  • No more embarrassment at work, while socialising, or at those special occasions due to snug, form-fitted dentures that will never slip or fall out 
  • Free yourself from ever having to worry about your dentures again – with permanent Implant Retained Dentures you’ve made one decision that means you can smile with confidence without stress for good

What to Expect When Getting Implant Retained Dentures

Initial consultation 

Your initial consultation with Dame Street Dental is for you and your dentist to discuss any issues or concerns you are having with your current dentures. Afterwards they will carry out a comprehensive dental examination to make an assessment in light of your treatment hopes and goals, and to determine your suitability for Dental Implants. 

At this appointment they will also take a 3D image of your jawbone using a high-tech localised CT scanner, to accurately assess your bone levels, quality, and quantity as part of the overall decision and planning. The specifications of your bone levels govern where your dentist can place your implants to achieve the most ideal position, so we use the best imaging technology available. 

Your dentist will use this information to produce a detailed treatment plan customised to your situation, and they will of course be happy to answer any questions you have at this stage. As part of this transparent consultation to devise the most suitable treatment plan for you, our team will also provide you with a detailed cost breakdown of your total treatment so you will never be left in the dark at any point during this investment into your welfare and wellbeing. At Dame Street Dental we provide several payment plan options you can choose from to find the plan breakdown that best works for you. 

Implant placement 

Once you are happy with all options you have selected in partnership with your dentist for your treatment plan, we will book you in for your appointment to have your dental implants placed. 

On the day of your appointment, between 2 and 4 dental implants will be placed by your treating dentist, as determined at your initial consultation. Your mouth and gums will be completely numb with a local anaesthetic during the entirety of your implant placement procedure, making the treatment entirely pain free. 

You can also choose to have this stage of treatment carried out under dental sedation so you can be sure of being completely relaxed and anxiety-free during the procedure. Many patients, including those who experience pronounced dental worry, opt to receive their dental treatments this way, making this transformative dental procedure accessible and stress-free to even the most nervous patient. 

After the successful completion of your procedure, your dentist will provide you with detailed instructions on how to care for the surgical sites to ensure complete healing over the following days and weeks. Your dentist will also advise you on appropriate pain relief options, including both over-the-counter and prescription painkillers, depending on your needs. We have found that for the majority of patients there is only mild to moderate discomfort in the 48 hours following their procedure, and minimal pain intervention is usually needed. With some allowances for immediate rest and recovery following your treatment, you will be able to wear either your own denture or a temporary denture during the healing period.

After 2 weeks your dentist will have scheduled you for a brief check-up, to ensure that the surgical sites are healing nicely and that you are keeping up with the aftercare and cleaning of the new implant sites, and of course to answer any questions that have arisen for you in this time.

Denture Placement

The final stage of your Implant Retained Denture treatment requires a brief waiting period. Once the implants are placed they must be allowed to heal for approximately 3 months to fully integrate with your jawbone, so that they are secure enough to safely carry your new permanent dentures. During this time you can continue to wear either your own denture or a temporary denture that has been made for you, as was decided between you and your treating dentist at your initial consultation and the agreement of your treatment plan.

At your 3 month review appointment, your dentist will assess the healing of your surgical dental implants, and can in most cases at this stage begin the next process of creating, fabricating, and fitting your new Implant Retained Dentures. This final process is usually completed over 4 visits to the clinic, and we would expect your entire treatment to be fully completed within 5 to 6 months. 

Questions? Answers.

How do Implant Retained Dentures work?

Implant Retained Dentures work by creating anchors for your dentures to click tightly and securely onto. These anchor points are 4 to 6 dental implants, which your specially trained dentist at Dame Street Dental will surgically embed into your jawbone, acting as artificial ‘roots’. These implants allow you to securely fasten your dentures for day-to-day life and activities when any movement or slipping is unacceptable, while still allowing you to remove your dentures simply and without fuss whenever you wish.  

Who can get Implant Retained Dentures?

Implant Retained Dentures are used by patients of any age who are dissatisfied with their current loose, uncomfortable, or ill-fitting dentures, or for those who can no longer wear conventional dentures as their bone and gum levels have shrunk. 

If my jawbone has shrunk can I still get an Implant Retained Denture?

Even if your jawbone has shrunk to the point of making your current, traditional dentures quite loose, most people will still have enough bone to support an Implant Retained Denture. At Dame Street Dental we use a high-tech CT scanner to assess your bone quality and quantity with a high degree of accuracy - this allows your dentist to put a plan in place most suited to you. 

If your bone levels are very low, your dentist may recommend a bone graft or sinus lift to give you the best chances of a fully successful and impactful procedure. These treatment options merely add some necessary preparatory stages to your final treatment plan, and your dentist will be able to explain this in full detail if it applies to your case. You can rest assured that even if that is your situation following assessment, you are absolutely still able to achieve the benefits of a secure Implant Retained Denture. 

How long does this treatment take?

On average you should expect to have your final denture fitted 5 months after your initial consultation and your surgical procedure to have your implants placed. This is because it takes typically 3 to 4 months to allow your implants to fully integrate with your bone before we fabricate your custom-fit denture. 

Do I need to have a new set of dentures made?

In some cases yes, it is possible to adjust your current dentures so that they will fit and attach to your new implants. However, to get the best and most accurate results and most comfortable and non-slip fit, it is generally preferable to make a new set of dentures to fit completely over your implants. 

Can I choose the colour of my teeth?

Yes indeed, together with your dentist you can choose the colour of your new teeth. Your dentist will be experienced in advising on the best shade to suit your colouring and preference to give you the most natural result. 

Does the Implant Retained Dentures procedure hurt?

No, your gums and mouth will be completely numb from localised anaesthetic before your dentist begins the procedure, so you will feel little more than gentle vibrations and pressure.  

Dame Street Dental also offers Dental Sedation for all of our procedures to any patients who may feel nervous at the thought of a lengthy or intensive dental treatment, or simply to reduce any stress and anxiety you might otherwise feel, so you too can experience the benefits of this cutting-edge treatment in complete relaxation and comfort. 

It is normal to experience some tenderness or sensitivity following implant surgery, but this discomfort does not last longer than the first day or two following your procedure. Your dentist will give you detailed aftercare instructions on how to manage any pain or discomfort and effectively and rapidly promote the body’s natural healing processes. We will of course discuss the best methods and use of over-the-counter pain relief medications, and your dentist will also be able to offer you a prescription option as recommended, although the majority of patients find any associated discomfort fades swiftly after a few days, and can be easily managed at home.

How much do Implant Retained Dentures cost?

The cost of your total treatment plan at Dame Street Dental will vary depending on the difficulty of the implant procedure, including any preparatory treatment stages required in respect of bone health, such as bone grafting, and the cost of your new denture itself. Prices for Implant Retained Dentures range between €2,990 and €5,900 per arch (ie. lower and upper teeth) depending on the number of implants required to anchor them.

We believe in providing all of our patients with fair prices and full transparency when it comes to financing your treatment. Your dentist will always give you a detailed cost breakdown of every stage involved from beginning to end of your specific treatment plan, as part of your initial consultation at the outset of your treatment with us. They will be able to discuss with you the range of payment plan options we offer at Dame Street Dental to best suit your treatment goals, situation, and budget. 

Don’t put up with the frustration and discomfort of ill-fitting dentures any longer! 

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