Dermal Fillers

What is Dermal Filler?

Dermal Fillers use specially designed, body-safe gels to address unwanted wrinkles, restore volume and structure, and maintain a naturally youthful appearance of the face. This treatment is particularly effective when used to fill in forehead lines, restore plumpness to sunken cheeks, volumize lips, and add definition and restore structure to the chin, nose, or jawline. Undergoing an entirely non-invasive lip augmentation can also improve the appearance of a ‘gummy smile’, by re-balancing the ratio of your lips, teeth, and gums. 

Our specially trained cosmetic dentists most commonly use Dermal Fillers in lip augmentation procedures, to perfect your lip shape, volume, and profile. Especially following an extensive or lengthy corrective dental treatment plan, patients will often wish to unleash the potential of their new, beautifully transformed smile and take this opportunity to rejuvenate the holistic look and feel of their mouth and face. 

At Dame Street Dental we aim to provide our patients with the most natural looking results, to subtly improve the volume and fullness of your lips, enhancing your overall facial balance and youthful symmetry to deliver end results that boost your self-confidence and refresh and revitalize your appearance. 

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Benefits of Dermal Fillers

  • Enhance your facial features and correct imperfections non-invasively and non-surgically
  • Rejuvenate your skin and embrace a younger looking you 
  • Cover and improve the appearance of a ‘gummy’ smile
  • Boost your confidence by smoothing out wrinkles, blemishes, and sagging skin
  • Subtle, natural looking results mean only you will know you’ve even had a treatment, but everyone will notice the new you

What to Expect When Getting Dermal Fillers

Initial consultation

Your dentist will first carry out a comprehensive examination of your teeth, gums, and bone health, which can involve the taking of a dental X-ray if any present concerns or problems with your oral health are indicated. Any questions, concerns, or doubts that you have regarding Dermal Fillers - or indeed any other issue - can be addressed by your dentist during this appointment. 

For every dental specialty offered by our experienced and highly trained clinical team, from restorative to preventative to cosmetic, our dentists’ aim is to work as your partners in your oral health and wellbeing. This means that we will work with you and take your ideal smile goals as our guide when recommending treatment to help you achieve those goals.

Your dentist will make a full assessment, taking into consideration your smile goals, needs, and preferences, to produce a full treatment plan, including an estimated time until completion and a full cost breakdown if you would benefit from any other treatment in addition to Dermal Fillers. Due to the nature of dental work and required recovery times following certain procedures, your dentist will always schedule any necessary, restorative, and invasive treatment to be completed prior to your Dermal Filler procedure. 

The procedure 

Your dentist will advise you on the best approach and application of Dermal Fillers to achieve the end results you are after during your initial consultation. Our cosmetic dentists use their considerable skills and artistry to provide the most natural looking results, taking into account and retaining your unique facial features, to subtly and effectively enhance your appearance. 

Once it is time to schedule your appointment for your Dermal Fillers, the procedure itself is a relatively straightforward one. A local anaesthetic will be applied to the treatment area, making the entire procedure completely pain-free. Your dentist will then expertly administer the filler material just under the skin in the area being treated. Depending on where the filler is being placed and the number of treatments, the procedure will typically be completed within 10 to 45 minutes. 

After your appointment, most patients can expect some mild redness, swelling, and sensitivity of the area, lasting for 1 to 2 days following the treatment. Your dentist will provide you with full aftercare instructions and guidance at the conclusion of your treatment appointment, so that you can begin enjoying your new look with confidence. 

Questions? Answers.

What is Dermal Filler used for?

Your cosmetic dentist will always discuss your specific treatment goals and advise you on the best use of Dermal Fillers to achieve your ideal end results during your initial consultation. They will assess what Dermal Fillers could do for you, and may recommend and discuss other dental or cosmetic treatments with you.

Generally speaking, the kinds of improvements that our patients see with Dermal Fillers are their use to: 

  • Volumize and shape lips, and improve ‘smokers lines’ around the mouth
  • Fill in forehead lines
  • Add definition to chin, nose, or jawline
  • Plump and revitalize cheeks
When will I see results from Dermal Filler?

Results from Dermal Filler application are immediately noticeable, smoothing out and correcting lines and blemishes from the moment of application, and the overall appearance will usually continue to improve in the weeks after treatment. 

Straight after the procedure itself, you may have some redness, swelling, and sensitivity in the treated area. This can last for 1 to 2 days, but it will settle down and cease after that. 

Is a Dermal Filler permanent?

In most cases the results of treatment with Dermal Filler will last between 6 and 18 months, depending on the area treated and your individual skin features. After this period most people will get a top up of the treatment to maintain their rejuvenated feel and appearance.

However if for any reason you wish to have the filler agent removed earlier than this, it is entirely possible for your dentist to dissolve the filler with a short, straightforward visit. 

Is getting a Dermal Filler painful?

No not at all, your dentist will first apply a local anaesthetic to the area making the procedure completely pain-free. 

You can expect some slight swelling and tenderness of the treated area for 1 to 2 days after your procedure. This will settle, and can be effectively managed at home with over-the-counter medication, about which your dentist will advise you during your treatment appointment. 

How long does a Dermal Filler procedure take?

Your procedure can take anywhere from 10 to 45 minutes, depending on the area of application. Your dentist will be able to advise you on treatment time at your initial consultation, so you will be able to plan your treatment to best suit your schedule and lifestyle. 

Is getting Dermal Fillers safe?

Dermal Fillers are absolutely a safe and effective, non-invasive treatment for various visible signs of facial aging – in the right hands. It is vital that you receive this treatment with a licenced and specially trained professional, such as a cosmetic dentist, as in addition to their expertise and experience in successfully carrying out such procedures, they will be able to provide you with full instructions prior to your treatment and post-treatment to ensure the risk of any side effects is minimised.  

Skin break-outs, acne, or infection are possible side effects which can occur if an area which has recently received Dental Filler is disturbed by further work. For this reason your dentist will always carry out all other necessary routine, restorative or invasive dental treatment that you require prior to your Dermal Filler procedure to avoid this risk. 

Why should I get my Dermal Filler with Dame Street Dental?

You can rest assured that you are in the safest hands when you have Dermal Filler placed by your cosmetic dentist at Dame Street Dental. A dentist’s knowledge of facial anatomy is unparalleled, which is essential in ensuring the safe and proper administration of injectables. Our dentists are experts in confidently and precisely administering fine needle injections through their years of training in the precise and accurate use of their hands, and all of our cosmetic dentists have additional specialised training and experience in the artistry of producing beautiful, natural looking aesthetic results that complement and showcase your bright smile. 

How much do Dermal Filler treatments cost?

The cost of your Dermal Filler treatment at Dame Street Dental will depend on the number of facial areas that you are getting treated, which your dentist will have recommended at your initial consultation based on your own desired treatment end goals. 

Your dentist will always give you a detailed cost breakdown of your full treatment plan, including any additional treatment or procedure you have discussed at your initial consultation with us. Our team will be able to discuss with you all of the payment plan options we have available at Dame Street Dental to best suit your treatment needs, lifestyle, and budget. We offer one plan that allows you to pay for your total treatment monthly, with absolutely no down payment required and at 0% interest! 

Considering a cosmetic treatment to revamp your smile and revitalize and restore your youthful facial appearance?  

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