Dental Hygiene & Check Ups

One of the foundations of general health is good oral hygiene, as your mouth plays an important part in how your body uses the food you eat. Good oral hygiene is one of the first steps in preventing tooth decay and gum disease. At Dame Street Dental, we strive to use our clinical contact time to also ensure that our patients are educated on proper care of their teeth. We offer total family dental care services to help you maintain optimum oral health.

You should have a professional Dental cleaning every six months to prevent problems developing on the enamel of your teeth and in the gum tissue. Our skilled hygienists use their expertise to provide you with thorough exams, cleaning, and screening treatments:

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Ultrasonic Periodontal Cleaning

Are your teeth cleaned professionally every six months? If not, you are missing one of the major preventative measures to ensure optimum oral health. A minimum of annual professional cleanings are critical to safeguarding the overall health of your body. 

Some people are apprehensive about getting their teeth cleaned or they feel they do enough brushing and flossing at home so that professional cleaning is not necessary. There is actually barely any discomfort associated with state-of-the-art Ultrasonic Scale and Polish cleanings, and our hygienists at Dame Street Dental always use a gentle touch when cleaning your teeth. Having your teeth professionally cleaned as part of your family dental care service will keep your smile looking bright and help prevent dental cavities and gum tissue problems from developing. If there are any gum tissue problems, a professional cleaning will help keep them from getting worse.

Gum disease occurs when there is a build-up of plaque or tartar around the teeth. Left untreated periodontitis can develop. This is a serious infection of the soft tissue surrounding the teeth. When this happens, the gums bleed and inflammation causes them to look puffy. Pockets are formed as the gums pull away from the teeth and this can lead to loss of teeth. At its worst, periodontitis can increase the risk of heart attack as well as add to other serious health problems.

Our hygienists at Dame Street Dental provide you with tailored oral hygiene advice and tips alongside professional cleanings that will prevent gingivitis, or in the event that you have developed it already, they will help bring the condition back under control. 

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