All-On-4 Consultation ‘Smile in a Day’

Our specialist implant dentists are available right now to turn your dream smile into a reality. 

If you’re ready to restore the function and appearance of your teeth with outstanding results in one comprehensive, convenient, and lightning-quick treatment, then contact Dame Street Dental and find out how we can transform your ‘Smile in a Day’! 

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All-On-4 Consultation ‘Smile in a Day’
All-On-4 Consultation ‘Smile in a Day’

Our specialist implant dentists are available right now to turn your dream smile into a reality. 

If you’re ready to restore the function and appearance of your teeth with outstanding results in one comprehensive, convenient, and lightning-quick treatment, then contact Dame Street Dental and find out how we can transform your ‘Smile in a Day’! 

Modern dentistry has made leaps forward in the improvements and solutions we can make to our patients’ quality of life. Maybe you have suffered for many years with poorly fitting, uncomfortable, or unreliable dentures - for so long the only option available to restore basic functionality to patients who had lost multiple teeth. These traditional dentures have caused many a great deal of anxiety, or fear of embarrassment, chief amongst these being the dread of them slipping or coming loose at any occasion to reveal a missing tooth while eating, talking, or laughing. 

Maybe you have multiple teeth that are weakening, failing, or beginning to come loose. While you may have avoided dentures to this point, you’ve heard that nowadays more effective and higher quality options exist to restore not only the full functionality of a complete set of teeth, but also grant you a completely new, radiant, and transformative smile.  

Whether you arrive at Dame Street Dental with old, inadequate, or painful dentures, or distress and a lack of confidence over missing, severely broken down, or decayed teeth, you can leave with a new lease on life and a beautiful new smile that very same day.  

Book a consultation with us now and join the hundreds of patients who have revolutionised their lives with the All-On-4 dental solution! 


What is the All-On-4 ‘Smile in a Day Treatment?

This cutting-edge dental restoration allows you to achieve a strong, stable, provisional set of teeth in a single day.

Instead of needing to employ individual dental implants at every gap and missing tooth to support the entire arch of teeth - often a minimum of 8 to 10 implants - for this ground-breaking procedure your dentist will only need to place 4 to 6 implants. The specific angles at which these implants are placed in relation to each other, your jaw, and the shape and form of your mouth, creates a solid foundation to support your new arch restoration. This is completely fixed in place by the implants, immovable and fully functional from day one, and as close in appearance and ability to natural teeth as it is possible to achieve.

At Dame Street Dental our implantologist team have undergone extensive specialist training to perfect this treatment, because they believe in excelling at the best available treatments for their patients that modern dentistry has to offer, while taking any anxiety out of the equation for you with the knowledge that you are in the most capable hands.

Your mouth and jaw will be completely numbed by a highly effective local anaesthetic throughout this procedure, ensuring that the entire event will be utterly pain-free for you. We understand that dental treatment can be a source of unease and anxiety for many patients, and that some may have even thought a treatment like this to be out of their reach in the past due to high levels of distress experienced in dental situations, so we also provide for this procedure to be carried out under the latest in dental IV sedation. Having this option at your disposal, to undergo your dental treatment in a completely relaxed state, free from anxiety or stress, and with no lingering memories of the procedure once the sedation has worn off, makes undertaking this life-changing treatment a breeze for even the most nervous patient. 

Contact our professional and knowledgeable front desk team on Dame Street Dental to book an All-on-4 consultation if:  

  • You wear a full or partial denture, either recently or over many years
  • You have failing teeth and may otherwise soon need a denture 
  • You want an extremely comfortable, natural feeling set of teeth that won’t slip or move while you carry on with your day-to-day life
  • You want to transform your smile, improve your ability to chew and overall enjoy and live with composure and confidence 

Benefits of All-on-4 Dental Implants

All-on-4 dental implants could be the right treatment option for you if you dream of enjoying the benefits of an entirely robust new set of teeth and fixed dental arch, such as:  

  • The renewed ability to eat, laugh, and speak with conviction as you say goodbye to ill-fitting and uncomfortable dentures 
  • No need for you to be seen without teeth for even a single day - arrive at the clinic with your current dentures or teeth in their original state - whether damaged, decayed, or missing - and leave with your brand-new smile
  • Experience an increase in confidence and a boost to your self-esteem with the bright, white, and healthy-looking smile you deserve 
  • The four implant sites are embedded directly into your gumline, meaning that your palate is left completely uncovered, maximising ease of normal oral hygiene maintenance and your own comfort 
  • Missing teeth will over time lead to shrinking of your jawbone, which in turn can affect your lower facial features, often causing wrinkles or sagging around the mouth and cheeks. This treatment prevents this by restoring your own natural tooth and jaw alignment and shape, and so avoids those changes and premature ageing of your facial features
  • The security of undertaking an extremely effective treatment with record-high success rates, which provides you with the next best thing to a full set of natural teeth achievable with modern, high-tech dentistry 
  • A state-of-the-art, fully restorative procedure made widely accessible with affordable prices and multiple payment plans available to suit patients needs

What to Expect When Getting All-on-4 ‘Smile in a Day’ Treatment

Your Initial Consultation

Your first visit with the clinic regarding your goals and hopes for ‘Smile in a Day’ treatment will involve your dentist carrying out a thorough, comprehensive examination of your mouth, and taking a full dental and medical history. They will also examine your bone quality and quantity using a high tech and innovative cone beam CT-scan system.

At Dame Street Dental your comfort is our number one priority, and we are highly aware of the immense trust placed in us by our patients, so our team will take the time to fully answer all of your questions and address any concerns at your initial consultation. Your dentist will also discuss the possibility of having your treatment carried out under sedation. This option is hugely effective and beneficial for patients who may be nervous or have bad memories from previous dental treatment, but is available to all of our patients (if suitable) following consultation with their responsible dentist.

Together with the support of your dentist, at this visit you will choose your desired aesthetic result and can choose the shade and position of your new teeth. After discussing all these options in detail and formulating goals and a plan in partnership with you, your dentist will give you a full treatment plan with a high transparency of costs involved and all payment plans available. They can answer any further questions you have about the financial element at this time, as can our experienced front desk staff, who will schedule you in for your treatment appointment itself on a day that suits you before you depart the clinic. 

The Day of your Procedure 

After making you comfortable with a highly effective dental anaesthetic to numb your mouth - or if discussed in your consultation, with sedation to eliminate anxiety - your dentist and their team will proceed with the removal of any problematic teeth. Following this, as per your plan, 4 to 6 of the highest quality dental implants will gently be placed by our clinicians who are leaders in the field of full arch replacement.

As your dental team makes final adjustments to your new dental prosthesis following the surgical element of the procedure, you can take this time to relax and stay comfortable, utilising one of the many entertainment or calming options we provide at the clinic – some patients will even use this as an opportunity to catch a nap! 

Later that same day your new provisional restoration will have been prepared, and be placed securely onto the implants. You are now ready to leave the clinic with your new, fixed, and solid teeth.

After 3-6 Months 

Dental implants require a period of time to heal fully, and while every patient’s recovery is unique, the typical time frame of 3-6 months will be discussed with you by your implantologist at the end of your procedure appointment. Based on your individual case, they will advise you on the approximate time when you should schedule your follow up and final appointment, which will be coordinated with the front desk.

At this final appointment, your provisional set of teeth will be removed again, and replaced with your final, permanent set which are more robust, as your implants will now be fully healed in your jaw and able for this permanent placement.

With regular dental check-ups and cleanings, and by maintaining an excellent oral hygiene routine, you can expect your All-on-4 dental implants to last and keep you smiling brilliantly and confidently for decades. 

Questions? Answers.

Why should I choose Smile in a Day over traditional dentures?

While traditional dentures or partial dentures were the only option available to patients missing multiple teeth for much of dental history, we have made revolutionary improvements since then. Traditional dentures tend to move around in your mouth as you eat or talk, an issue which only gets worse with time as there are no teeth rooted into your jaw, causing the bone to shrink over time. Many people find that eventually the shape and size of their jaw has changed so much that their dentures no longer fit snugly to their mouth. Since there is not enough bone to rest on, they slide or slip out of place, even falling out on occasion when speaking or eating certain foods. 

Not only can this be uncomfortable or even painful, but patients often report embarrassment or unease in social situations caused by the fears of their traditional dentures coming loose at the wrong moment, or distress over their changing jawline leading to unwanted changes to their facial features. 

With Smile in a Day ‘All-on-4’ treatment, you never have to be afraid of your smile slipping, as your replacement teeth have been fully secured into your jaw by 4-6 dental implants. After the placement ‘roots’ have been implanted, your new replacement bridgework is custom-made to the measurements of your mouth. With your new implants in position in your jawbone, your chances of maintaining your natural jawline are greatly increased – meaning that you can not only face every social occasion with confidence in your smile never letting you down, but there is also no such thing as an impossible food!

Why is replacing missing teeth important?

Once multiple teeth are missing from a typical mouth, particularly if a patient is without many or all of the teeth in a row, then gradually with time their jaws will shrink, as there are no teeth present to hold the original position and shape. While this loss of jaw bone and definition can be distressing for patients in its own right (as it contributes to changes in the facial features related to ageing, such as increased wrinkling around the mouth, sunken cheeks, or an overprominent chin) it is also a problem which becomes more difficult to resolve with traditional dentures over time. 

As traditional dentures are already inclined to move around in the mouth when a person chews or speaks, this issue is only made worse over time as the jaw shrinks. Without sufficient bone to rest on and with the changing interior shape of the mouth the dentures will increasingly slip out of position, or even fall when the patient is speaking or chewing certain foods. 

How much does Smile in a Day cost?

The average cost of All-on-4 ‘Smile in a Day’ treatment with Dame Street Dental is €8,500 per arch. This is a highly specialised procedure, requiring extensive additional training and qualification from your dental specialist to perform, in addition to the multiple, intensive procedural stages carried out in-clinic, including the fabrication of your custom-made restoration arch on the day of your appointment. This treatment represents a life-changing investment into not only your smile and appearance, but your wellbeing, health and happiness that can last for the rest of your life. 

Smile in a Day is a non-routine dental treatment, and so in Ireland is tax deductable, meaning you will receive 20% of the cost of your treatment back from the government once you submit a claim through Revenue. You will also need to keep a Form Med 2 receipt of your dental care available for Revenue’s records should they request to see it, which your dental team at Dame Street Dental will provide you after any non-routine dental treatment.

Your fully-qualified implant dentist will discuss all pricing options and plans, as well as provide a full quote for your specific situation and dental needs during your initial consultation. 

Who can get Smile in a Day treatment?

The All-on-4 ‘Smile in a Day’ treatment is suitable for anyone who is missing multiple teeth, whether you already wear traditional dentures, or are at a crossroads with a decision to make, and would prefer to choose an investment in a life without dentures.

Whether you have lost your teeth due to age, disease, or accident, the function of your teeth and the joy of your smile can be restored with Smile in a Day. There are no age limits to who can benefit from Smile in a Day, and you can discuss this option with our fully supportive, non-judgemental team during your initial consultation at any age and from any background. 

How long does Smile in a Day take?

The All-on-4 ‘Smile in a Day’ procedure itself really does take only one day! When you book your initial consultation appointment with our implantologist, that specialist dentist will conduct a full examination of your mouth, jaw, and teeth, and will work in partnership with you to prepare a treatment plan that works for you and provides you with the most successful outcome. This includes planning where and how many total implants would be best placed, and discussing with you your appearance goals to determine the best shape and shade of your restoration teeth. 

The reason so many patients have chosen Smile in a Day treatment when other procedures weren’t for them in the past, is the procedure’s central promise – the treatment itself is carried out in just one day. You will come in on the morning of your appointment, and following your implants being placed you will walk out of the clinic that evening with a full set of provisional teeth, fully functional and looking as natural as real teeth. 

This temporary set will allow you to begin eating, laughing, and living exactly how you want right away. Once your implants have fully healed and settled in your jaw, which takes between 3 and 6 months, they will be ready to support your stronger, permanent restoration, which your dentist will replace and fit at your final appointment. At no point during the Smile in a Day process are you ever going to be seen without a full set of beautiful, pristine teeth again! 

In which locations do you currently offer All on 4 Treatment

We currently Offer all on 4 treatment in
1) Dame Street 2) Bray 3) Moate

Why should I choose Dame Street Dental for Smile in a Day treatment?

Dame Street Dental are committed to pushing the frontiers and removing barriers to make ground-breaking, life-altering dental treatments accessible to our patients. Our implantologist team have each qualified in extensive additional specialist training to perfect this state-of-the-art procedure, and their experience and confidence in their case success is matched only by their dedication to maintaining the highest standards of practice in modern dentistry. 

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