6 Month Braces

If you have ever longed for a better, straighter smile, but were discouraged by the need to wear braces for upwards of 18 months, then 6 Month Braces are for you!

Now in 6 months or less, Dame Street Dental can put this latest in orthodontic technology to work for you, allowing our experienced dental team to provide you with an all-new, beautiful smile by quickly and safely straightening your teeth.

These cutting-edge braces utilise specialised, low-force wires to focus on correcting and aligning your front teeth to give you your ideal smile with 100% natural looking results. This allows you to avoid very complex and lengthy orthodontic procedures which also move and align the back teeth and overall bite, a focus that is usually unnecessary to bring about cosmetic improvement. Additionally, unlike with traditional braces, the 6 Month Braces technique only very rarely requires any tooth extractions.

Dame Street Dental Clinic offers both a ceramic, clear white, and a metal finished brace, to suit your personal preference. The white brace is tooth-coloured, making this an attractive, discreet choice for many of our adult patients who value a more inconspicuous option than the more traditional metal brace. You can carry on with your daily life uninterrupted and no one will even notice you are undergoing a bold and revolutionary dental treatment!

6 Month Braces are most suitable for patients with mild to moderate crowding or spacing of their front teeth. During your initial consultation with Dame Street Dental Clinic your dentist will discuss your treatment goals with you in depth, and if your focus is to alter your overall bite or move your back teeth then conventional braces over a longer time period may be better suited to your needs.

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Benefits of 6 Month Braces

  • Boost your confidence with a newly straightened smile

  • Discreet and comfortable – wear your braces all day long with no need to adjust your daily living or work, meals and socialising

  • Teeth rarely need to be extracted using this technique, unlike with traditional braces. The cosmetic straightening of those most visible teeth - your front teeth - allows the natural beauty of your smile to shine through

  • Straightening your crooked teeth makes it easier to maintain good oral hygiene – meaning shinier, healthier teeth for you and no more bad breath!

  • Rapid results in just 6 months – you can have your perfect, straight smile in time for that upcoming special event or occasion

  • Your new smile will improve your overall facial symmetry and aesthetics giving you a more youthful appearance

  • Affordable, cost-effective treatment alongside Dame Street Dental Clinic’s host of available payment plans makes this an accessible treatment for all budgets


How do 6 Month Braces Work?

Your Initial Consultation

Your dentist will carry out a comprehensive oral examination to see if you are suitable for 6 Month Braces.

At Dame Street Dental Clinic we strive to be our patients’ partners in their dental care. Our dentist will always discuss the best course of treatment to meet your goals and will address any questions or concerns that you may have regarding the range of braces and orthodontic treatments available.

If you have a good bite overall and are hoping to correct the appearance and straightness of your front teeth only, then following this examination and discussion your dentist will be able to identify if you are a suitable candidate to straighten your smile with 6 Month Braces.

Procedure and Process

Your entire treatment will last for up to 6 months. Following your initial appointment to fit your 6 Month Braces, your dentist will schedule maintenance visits with you throughout this time to monitor your progress, take pictures for your reference and file, and tighten your braces as required – usually, they will recommend monthly visits.

Some minor discomfort can be expected when you first get your 6 Month Braces. This is a good sign that your teeth are moving, and absolutely nothing to worry about. Within 24 hours any tenderness will begin to fade away, and your teeth will have completely settled by the end of the first week.

It is important that you commit to meticulous oral hygiene (brushing and flossing regularly and thoroughly) while wearing your braces so you can get the best results from your treatment. Again, your dentist will advise on this maintenance routine during your first visit to fit your braces and will be happy to answer any questions about oral hygiene techniques during any of your monitoring appointments.


Once your treatment is complete, in your final consultation your dentist will conduct a results review, taking time to ensure you are happy with your new smile.

All orthodontic treatment with braces comes with the risk that your teeth will return to their original position. To prevent relapse, we strongly recommend that you wear a removable orthodontic retainer every night, and this will be included in your final dentist review. We also offer a fixed retainer that is permanently bonded to your teeth, if preferred, and your dentist can advise on this option with you at that time.  

Some patients at this stage will consider further aesthetic dental treatment such as tooth whitening or composite bonding to perfect and maximise the results of their newly straightened smile. Your dentist can discuss these treatments with you following the completion of your 6-month treatment or if at any point during the process you have questions, so you have plenty of time to get all the information you need to make informed decisions about this investment into your smile and yourself. 

Questions? Answers.

Do 6 Month Braces actually work?

The 6 Month Braces treatment is a technologically advanced, innovative dental treatment that has built on highly researched and practiced techniques and methods within modern dentistry to produce incredible smile transformations.

Traditionally, braces would have to be worn for at least 2 years to effectively move and align a patient’s teeth. By carefully choosing to target only those prominent, high visibility teeth which have the biggest impact on your smile and appearance, Dame Street Dental can provide dazzling results quickly and safely in 6 months or less.

Can anyone wear 6 Month Braces?

The 6 Month Braces technique is aimed at correcting mild to moderate crowding, overlapping, or spacing of the front teeth. Patients with more severe tooth misalignment inclusive of their back teeth, or who need corrections to their bite will not be suitable for this method.

Your dream smile is not out of reach, however! Many highly effective options exist to treat patients who are not eligible for this procedure, including the use of longer-term conventional braces, and your dentist will be happy to discuss with you the best way for you to achieve your smile goals that suits your individual needs.  

Are 6 Month Braces visible?

We offer a clear, tooth-coloured brace which is much more aesthetically pleasing than the traditional ‘train track’ braces most people picture when they think of braces. The only part of clear 6 Month Braces which is noticeable is the wire itself, which is an unobtrusive thin metal. From a distance a clear brace is barely noticeable at all, and in reality you will often encounter people wearing their 6 Month Brace and not even notice it!

While teeth can become stained by certain foods which can have an impact on the visibility of clear braces, at each of your monitoring appointments with Dame Street Dental Clinic your dentist will always replace any stained parts of your brace for you.

We have long been aware of the need for truly invisible braces, and for those patients who require the most discreet, undetectable orthodontic solution you can also book a consultation with one of our specially trained dentists to discuss the Invisalign clear aligners system.

Do 6 Month Braces hurt?

All orthodontic treatment will cause slight tenderness when your new brace causes your teeth to begin to move. You can expect minor discomfort following your initial appointment when your braces are first fitted and after you have your braces tightened, usually at your monthly monitoring visits. This discomfort can be effectively managed by over-the-counter pain relief and will begin to fade on its own after 24 hours. Some patients actually report no pain at all during treatment!

Will 6 Month Braces cause damage to my teeth, roots, or gums in any way?

No, the 6 Month Brace technique is designed to use low forces over a controlled, short period of time to move the teeth safely. It is actually high-force techniques, employed over a long period of time, which carry risks of damage to the structures of the mouth.

In fact, undergoing this treatment and correcting any crooked or crowded teeth makes it much easier to maintain regular, effective oral hygiene habits of those teeth, leading to an overall cleaner, healthier mouth. This in turn will reduce your risk of developing any dental disease and their complications.  

Can adults really wear braces?

Yes absolutely! Many of our patients first came to our clinic due to missing out on the opportunity of having braces when they were younger, or because they are experiencing teeth relapse back to their original position. At Dame Street Dental Clinic we believe that no one should be left wishing for a straighter smile, and all our orthodontic treatment is carried out on adults only.

While some patients will have been advised that the optimum time for them to have treatment with braces was during their early teens - to utilise the natural growth of their jaw around that time - we have found that the only significant differences in receiving treatment with braces as an adult versus at a younger age are the advantages that come with knowing clearly what you want and what you value! Adult patients seeking to correct and straighten their smiles using braces tend to be highly motivated, which is one of the most important conditions of all successful, long-lasting orthodontic treatment.

At Dame Street Dental Clinic we offer a range of treatment options to suit your lifestyle, and your dentist will be happy to discuss the variable factors of braces’ appearance and visibility, cost, and treatment duration, to focus in on what matters most and help you choose the braces that are right for you.

Should I avoid certain foods with 6 Month Braces?

You can eat most foods while wearing your 6 Month Braces without fear of mishap or damaging your teeth or braces. However certain overly sticky foods, such as toffee, should be avoided.

Certain types of heavily staining foods and drinks however, will unfortunately also stain the elastics used to secure the wire component of your braces, and so on clear, tooth-coloured braces this will be visible. At your monthly monitoring visits with your dentist, they will replace these elastics and any other discoloured components if they have become stained, but if you have opted for clear braces it is advised to reduce your consumption of highly pigmented foods like curry (particularly tomato or turmeric based), tea and coffee, or red wine.

Ceramic tooth-coloured 6 Month Braces are not recommended for people who smoke, even if you are not a regular smoker, as smoking will cause severe staining and discolouration of your brace. Your dentist will be happy to discuss other material options for your 6 Month Braces with you, and Dame Street Dental Clinic also offers the Invisalign clear brace system, which can be removed for eating and so is less prone to staining, in addition to being easily cleaned at home.

Which material 6 Month Braces should I choose?

The majority of 6 Month Braces are made of ceramic and resin materials. These are highly aesthetically pleasing and discreet, as they can be matched to your natural tooth colour and so are an inconspicuous option – from a distance ceramic braces are invisible to the eye.

We also offer 6 Month Braces finished in metal. Some people will choose this type of brace as they are less prone to staining and are more durable than ceramic, tooth-coloured braces. Your dentist will talk you through the features of both kinds of short-term brace and help you to choose the best option for you.

Can you get 6 Month Braces on your bottom teeth?

Yes, you can - 6 Month Braces can be placed in all the same ways as traditional braces, which includes their suitability to be used to straighten both your top or lower teeth, or indeed both.

In some cases where teeth are tightly spaced, your dentist may recommend using a metal brace on the bottom teeth, as this kind is smaller and so will be less likely to break off.

Can I pay in monthly instalments?

At Dame Street Dental Clinic we are delighted to offer several different payment plans to suit all patients needs and lifestyles. Your dentist will prepare an orthodontic treatment plan with you during your initial consultation, including a breakdown of the total cost, which our experienced team will readily go through the available payment options to help you choose the right plan for you.

We provide one plan that allows you to pay for your braces and on-going monitoring appointments by direct debit monthly, with absolutely no down payment or deposit required and at 0% interest.

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