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Dental Implants

At Dame Street Dental we understand the struggles our patients have faced due to tooth loss – whether you are reckoning with the recent loss of a tooth due to trauma or disease, have been dealing with the loss of all or the majority of your teeth steadily or over time, or however your unique tooth loss is affecting you, our solution and patient-focused practice is here to help with the best and most effective treatments available to modern, hi-tech dentistry.

We know that it’s about regaining more than just your teeth, and through treatment with Dental Implants you can take back your confidence, your direction and your smile.

Whether you have lost all of your teeth or even just one, Dental Implants are the best substitute for your natural teeth and the ideal solution for you.

What are Dental Implants?

Dental Implants are an extremely effective, predictable and optimally long-lasting procedure to replace missing teeth, which are designed to mimic your natural teeth and, when properly taken care of, will last you a lifetime. Dental Implant treatment involves the placement of an artificial root (either titanium or ceramic) into the jawbone, providing a stable, body-safe support for a new, artificial restoration tooth, whether that’s a singular crown or a bridge, depending on your needs and the amount and placement of teeth lost.

The dental crown which sits on top of your implant fits naturally and flawlessly onto your gum, and is designed to look exactly like your own teeth so that nobody will even know you have undergone a life-changing, bold dental treatment. Dental Implants can also be used to fix a mounted denture securely in position so you can return to living life to the fullest, eating, laughing and smiling with confidence while eliminating the embarrassment of your denture coming loose. This state-of-the-art dental solution is achievable whether you have recently lost or are in danger of losing teeth, or you are ready for a new you after wearing dentures for many years.

With Dame Street Dental’s denture Dental Implants are now a routine, accessible and reliable option to replace one or more teeth seamlessly and without affecting any adjacent teeth. Our expert implantologists are also highly experienced in more intricate cases for implants, including patients who have previously been told their situation was too complex to attempt, or have already received failed implants which need to be revised or managed. Under their care with Dental Implants you will forget you’ve even lost a tooth, they really are the gold standard solution to missing teeth!

Why should I choose Dental Implants?

Almost every candidate is suitable for Dental Implants, so talk to us today at Dame Street Dental if you have:

If you need to replace a single tooth then only a single implant crown will be required, and our implant team can accommodate and find solutions for routine and complex placements and positioning. In the case of multiple missing teeth or gaps, it is not always necessary to place an implant for every missing tooth. Often your dentist will with equal success and effectiveness be able to place an implant bridge - for example the placement of two implant roots to mount and secure three missing teeth. Dental Implants can also be used to hold denture securely and snugly in place to prevent them from moving around in the mouth.

Benefits of Dental Implants

What to Expect When Getting Dental Implants?

Initial consultation

Your dentist will carry out a comprehensive dental examination to ensure your suitability for Dental Implants, which in these cases will include a dental X-ray to assess your bone levels in your jaw.

Having adequate bone to support the implant and restoration placed on top is the main factor influencing implant viability and success. At Dame Street Dental we use a high-tech CT scanner to render an accurate 3D image of your mouth, localised to only the precise area necessary for analysis, which allows your implantologist to assess the amount and quality of bone available, to decide on placement and positioning, and to make plans to compensate when the levels are low. Less frequently impressions of your mouth may also need to be taken at this appointment, to create a 3D model of your teeth, gums and bone to best plan for the placement of your finished implants and restorations.

Your dentist will then devise a detailed treatment plan for you, taking into account your own goals for your treatment and all particulars of your specific situation – you will have a chance to discuss any questions or concerns with your dentist at this time as you are informed about every stage of your proposed treatment, as well as how long each stage will take. This treatment plan will take account of not only your long-term restoration, but any temporary replacement teeth you will need during the course of your treatment, to ensure that you are greeted with a beautiful and complete smile the first time you depart from a procedure at the clinic.

At Dame Street Dental we assure all of our patients complete transparency regarding the cost of your treatment plan – your treatment team will be happy to discuss this with you also at your initial appointment, or you can call or email us today and our team will be happy to go through our different payment plan options and costs and book you in for your initial consultation with our dedicated implant team.

Implant placement

Your appointment for your implant placement procedure is actually quite straightforward – your mouth and gums will be completely numb with a local anaesthetic, making the entire procedure entirely painless.

You can also choose to have this stage of treatment carried out under dental sedation – many patients, including those who experience acute dental worry or fear, opt to receive their dental care this way, making this ground-breaking, transformative dental treatment available to even the most anxious patient.

After the successful completion of your routine surgical procedure to place the implant into your bone, your dentist will provide you with detailed instructions on how to care for the surgical site to ensure complete healing over the following days and weeks. You will also be provided with a prescription for pain relief medication to make your recovery as seamless and as fast as possible, although many patients find that any pain or discomfort is mild enough to be relieved by over-the-counter solutions.

Your dentist will also generally provide a temporary dental restoration on the same day as your implant placement when suitable, so you won’t be left with an unsightly gap over the initial healing period, which is typically 2 weeks – after which you will routinely be invited back to the clinic for a short review, to ensure the area is healing and being cleaning adequately, and to answer any questions you may have at this stage.

Permanent Restoration Placement

In most cases, after a single or multiple dental implants have been placed the surgical site(s) must be left for a period of about 3 months to allow for complete natural healing and integration with your bone.

Your dentist will inform you at your 2 week review of when you should schedule your follow up appointment, typically at the 3 month mark, so that they can assess if your implant has adequately fused with your bone. Once your dentist is satisfied with the success of your implant, the next stage is taking a digital scan impression of your mouth.

These impressions are sent to our external lab for your custom-made crown or bridge dental restoration to be fabricated. Your bespoke, permanent restoration will be returned to the clinic within 3 to 4 weeks and you will be scheduled for a final appointment to have your dental restoration fit and secured. The average treatment time from start to finish for a single implant treatment with Dame Street Dental is 4 months, but your dentist will be able to specify the exact estimated treatment length for every stage of your individual case.

Commonly Asked Questions

Dental Implants are a highly successful, innovative dental solution to missing teeth. Implants act in a similar way to the root of a tooth - they are surgically placed below the gumline into the bone of the jaw and are used to support either a porcelain crown, bridge or securely affixed denture.

Yes, at Dame Street Dental we know that restoring the appearance as well as the function of the original teeth are both essential outcomes for our patients, and so our dental technicians custom-make each implant crown or bridge specifically to fit and blend into your mouth. We take the time to choose the exact colouring to match your natural teeth giving you the most realistic, organic result possible. Not only will your new implant restoration feel like your own tooth, nobody will be able to tell that it’s not!

Before Dental Implants were routinely available through specially trained dentists, the loss of a tooth or multiple teeth for a patient left them with only dental bridges or dentures for options. At Dame Street Dental we are proud to be able to make the latest advancements in dental care, technology and techniques available to our patients so that they can choose options which provide so much more in terms of long-term function, oral health, appearance and quality of life.

Traditional dentures can often fit uncomfortably, they affect taste in addition to limiting the types of food we can readily enjoy, and they may move or slip when eating and speaking. Moreover, a denture only sits on top of the gums and does not address the issues caused by the loss of teeth for the jawbone – over time if missing teeth are not restored, the jawbone with no roots in key areas to hold its shape, will begin to shrink and lose mass, resulting in a prematurely aging appearance as the lower facial features increasingly sag inwards. Dental Implants are an extremely effective way to preserve the jaw bone and its original shape into the long-term when correctly maintained and cared for. Losing a tooth need no longer be a cause for stress and anxiety, when we can restore your signature smile, preserve your youthful facial structure and allow you to keep living your own daily life without disruption or loss.

A dental bridge is a full false tooth being supported by two crowns placed onto the remaining teeth on either side of a gap, and involves filling down some of the adjacent teeth to make them ready to receive these crowns – this process does pose a risk of damage over time to the remaining, natural teeth. Dental Implants have removed the need for impacting the adjacent teeth to fully fill and restore both the root and the gap left by a missing tooth, leaving your remaining teeth undisturbed and doing away with all related issues, while delivering a host of added benefits.

Dental Implants have been used by specially trained implant specialist dentists for many years and have a hugely successful track record of long-term excellent outcomes and sky-high patient satisfaction. The implants themselves are made of titanium, a metal which is completely body-safe and biocompatible, and has been shown to integrate seamlessly with the body without any adverse effects.

At Dame Street Dental our implant specialists can confidently assure you of our initial implant success rates of over 99%.

We are proud to be the only clinic in Ireland to offer a full 20-year warranty on the majority of Implant placements, so if you are experiencing any issues with your tooth before that time we will be happy to assess and restore it without any additional charge while it is under warranty. You can trust us to provide you with superior, long-lasting treatment that is both cost-effective and delivered to the highest possible standard.

To get the most out of the investment you have made into your future wellbeing and quality of life, to maintain and safeguard your implants and permanent dental restorations we recommend regular dental hygiene visits and check-ups with your dentist. Making that commitment to excellent oral health habits, including keeping up a consistent and thorough dental hygiene routine at home, can mean that your dental implants will last you for a lifetime.

In the vast majority of cases seen at Dame Street Dental, the time from the initial surgical procedure appointment to place the implant(s) until final restoration with the permanent crown or bridge is 4 months in total. Your dentist will always provide you with a temporary restoration to cover and protect your implant while it is healing, and this temporary restoration can often be placed on the very same day as your implant procedure, so you can rest assured that you will not be waiting long before you see beautiful, transformative improvements to your smile.

In some cases where there is less bone available in your jaw, additional steps may be required prior to implant placement; including a specialist procedure known as bone grafting, which are carried out by our qualified implant surgeons at our Dublin city centre clinic. If this is required in your case, your dentist will always communicate this with you from the start, and you will be given a fully detailed treatment plan following assessment of your mouth and jaw at initial consultation, so that your dentist can give you an accurate time frame for full treatment completion.

Implants aren’t suitable for patients below 18 years of age – due to the central importance of the jawbone to this procedure, and as the bone hasn’t fully developed and matured at this age. Younger patients can be assured that your treating dentist will fully and accurately assess your suitability for this treatment using a 3D specialised dental X-ray at your initial consultation before proceeding.

Thankfully, there is no upper age limit for this treatment – people of all ages deserve to experience the freedom, quality of life and confidence that comes with eating the foods you enjoy and talking, smiling and laughing with pleasure rather than the embarrassment of dentures coming loose.

No, the Dental Implant procedure is entirely painless. Your dentist will ensure that your gums are completely numbed with localised anaesthetic before they begin the surgical procedure. The most you will feel is some vibration and gentle pressure.

Dame Street Dental also offers Dental Sedation for all of our procedures for our patients who may feel nervous at the thought of any dental procedures, or simply to reduce related stress and anxiety so that you can experience the benefits of this life-changing treatment in complete relaxation.

As the placement of Dental Implants is a surgical procedure, most patients will experience some discomfort in the day or two following their treatment. However, this can be effectively managed in almost all cases with over-the-counter pain relief medication, with your dentist of course happy to provide you with a prescription for pain relief if needed in your case. And within a matter of days, and very occasionally a week in terms of more complex surgical site placements, following your dentist’s aftercare guidelines regarding recovery, rest and caring for your implant, you will be feeling fully yourself again in no time.

Not at all, cleaning your Dental Implants is no more difficult than cleaning your natural teeth. We recommend that you visit our implant hygienist every 3 months to ensure your teeth are well maintained and to check-up on your home oral health routine.

The total cost of your complete treatment plan at Dame Street Dental will vary depending on the difficulty of the treatment procedure, including the required positioning for placement of the Dental Implants and bone health, and whether the implants are being used to replace one tooth, several teeth or to hold a denture in place.

Prices for a single implant begin at €1,200, and a guide to our standard pricing for implant care and various restorations such as individual dental crowns can be explored here.

Dental Implants (under certain circumstances only) and all crown or bridgework restorations are classed as non-routine dental treatments, and so in Ireland these procedures are tax deductable, meaning you will receive 20% of the cost of your treatment back from the government once you submit a claim through Revenue. You will also need to keep a Form Med 2 receipt of your dental care available for Revenue’s records should they request to see it, which your dental team at Dame Street Dental will provide you after any non-routine dental treatment.

We believe in providing you with fair prices and complete transparency when it comes to cost. Your dentist will always give you a detailed cost breakdown of all stages as part of your specific treatment plan at your initial consultation at the outset of your treatment with us. They will be able to discuss with you all of the payment plan options we have available at Dame Street Dental to best suit your treatment goals, situation and budget.

Don’t put up with the pain and frustration of missing teeth any longer!

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I’m very pleased with result of my treatment with Dr Ian. He’s very professional, informative, nice and paying attention to details. My entire experience in the clinic was on high level. Highly recommend!
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The dentist was excellent
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Quickly, good price, friendly people and a very nice and clean place.
Thamires Fernandes
As luck would have it, I had a toothache while on a 2-week stay in Dublin so I booked an emergency appt here. I was a bit nervous and didn’t know what to expect, however, everyone from the reception to dental nurses were welcoming and kind, which made me feel a lot calmer. Dr. Abed might be the most pleasant dentist I’ve encountered and dr. Steed made the tooth extraction pain-free and with minimal post-extraction discomfort. I also liked that the price list is transparent. A small complaint: I was not sent the rtg of the tooth that was done during my first visit even though I paid for it. However, as I ended up coming back the second time to extract the tooth several days later, it was no longer relevant.
Vedrana B.
Amazing clinic, the best staff. Highly recommend
Alannah Hargan
I had a big fear in going to the Dentist but Dr Renuka has restored my faith she was so understanding and so gentle if I could give more stars I would, Also like to add that the receptionist Ciara is so welcoming and friendly the atmosphere is relaxed and I would recommend without a doubt Thanks for removing my fear of dentists
Ciara Pilkington
I went to Dame street Dental as an emergency patient. My tooth had broken and they were able to accommodate me by seeing me the next day morning, even though I wasn’t previously a patient. I went in and was extremely nervous and upset about my tooth. I was met with kindness, professionalism and compassion by Dr. Vanessa and Dental Nurse Fran. They were amazing to say the least. I will definitely be returning. Thank you.
Laura Smith
Very satisfied , can recommend . Staff friendly and reassuring, nice spotless place with modern equipment.
Inta Jankovica
In the last few months I have received superb, 5 star treatment from every single person I’ve dealt it, such as the receptionists and dental assistants. Dr Mo Abed, specially, is simply the most caring, professional and efficient dentist I have ever had the pleasure to deal with it. He always makes me feel so at ease and he always take time to explain the procedures and instructions to me. The quality of care and attention I’ve been provided is outstanding. I love how modern and pristine the clinic is, it makes me feel so comfortable! Thank you for everything you all have been doing.I cannot recommend this place enough!
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I had a scale and polish done with Dr Alison today and I had such a good experience. She’s so knowledgeable and excellent at her practice in addition to being a genuinely kind, pleasant and relatable person. The experience was excellent. I’ll 100% be coming back
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