Oral Medicine

Oral Medicine is the branch of dentistry concerned with the diagnosis and management of both typical and less common diseases or disorders of the oral cavity. These include the detection of potentially malignant growths and ulcers (such as oral cancer or salivary gland conditions), facial pain or sensory disorder where a dental cause has been ruled out, and the oral signs of disease or infection elsewhere in the body affecting one or more or its systems. Following standard qualification and practice as a dentist, this designated field requires additional specialized training and expertise to practice, and as such this diagnostic and treatment area bridges the gap between dentistry and medicine.

Our Oral Medicine specialist, Dr. Jimmy Butt, understands the vital importance of comprehensive, timely, and accessible care in optimizing your oral health; safe-guarding your general health and welfare; and improving your quality of life. While Dr. Butt has extensive experience from his previous full-time position as a hospital doctor overseeing oral and facial cancers and complex oral surgical procedures, his commitment to providing excellence in complete patient care sees him currently studying for a secondary qualification from Trinity College Dublin in Medicine. 

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Should I see an oral medicine dental specialist?

To provide appropriate and prompt investigation and intervention - in addition to promoting peace of mind - an Oral Medicine consultation with Dame Street Dental may be advisable for you if: 

  • You or your dentist spot a suspicious lesion (abnormal tissue, such as a growth) in your mouth 
  • You suffer from recurrent or severe mouth ulcers, particularly if not responsive to primary care treatment
  • You require treatment for common oral mucosal conditions, such as lichen planus (swelling and/or an irritated or itchy rash inside your mouth) 
  • You need to have a biopsy of an oral mucosal lesion, whether of the oral cavity or gums, inner cheek, or lips
  • You experience unexplained and persistent dryness, inflammation, or a burning sensation in your mouth
  • You suffer from pain in your jaw or lower face, where dental or orthodontic causes have been excluded
  • Your daily function or quality of life, inclusive of your mental wellbeing, are impacted by chronic or recurrent oral symptoms or issues
  • Your dentist advises an Oral Medicine consultation, either following an examination or check-up at our clinic, or we are always happy to see new patients who have been advised to seek a specialist consult 
  • You have any worries about your oral health, whether due to present or recurring symptoms, or any family history of oral or systemic disease. At Dame Street Dental we operate on an entirely non-judgemental ethos and practice, and will always treat your health concerns with the utmost seriousness and sensitivity

Our clinic works closely with the Oral Medicine department in St James’ Hospital to offer the most highly researched and innovative treatments available to combined dental and medical care, so that you can rest easy knowing your health is in the best hands.

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